Our company is dedicated to the management of tourism apartments in Barcelona. We offer integrated management services for holiday apartments, from reservation and price optimization to check-in/check-out and housekeeping, to home staging, maintenance and strategic consulting.


Reservation management

We will get your site up on all the popular internet platforms that manage vacation rentals so that your flat achieves maximum occupancy rates at the best price.

APP for owners

At Lodging we’re committed to transparency. We keep our owners informed, in real time, about the state of their rentals through our app.

Special offers

We prioritize the experience of your guests so that they’ll visit again become loyal customers. We are able to offer personalized services according to their needs.

Calendar management

We know that sometimes you want to be able to use your flat yourself. At Lodging Management we manage your calendar so that you keep your flat occupied without relinquishing your time.

Welcome and reception of guests

Check-in and Check-out

No matter what time your guests arrive, our team will be there to receive them and provide excellent service in English, Spanish or German.


We remain in constant communication with your guests, from the moment they book until the end of their stay, guaranteeing them a consistent professional experience.

Physical offices

Our office in the center of Barcelona allows us to offer great service to your guests and functions as a place to connect with them.

Special services

Our extensive experience in tourism apartment management in Barcelona allows us to offer services tailored to each of our owners.

Ad optimization


The images of a tourism flat can be decisive for someone making a booking decision. Our professionals are specialized in making sure your flat is shown to best advantage.

Platform management

Our deep knowledge of the holiday rentals management sector allows us to work extremely effectively in online channels like Airbnb or Booking.

Copy and translations

We receive visitors from all over the world and your flat descriptions need to be attractive and well written in multiple languages. Our specialized translators make it happen.

Dynamic pricing

Our exclusive management software allows us to respond in real time to fluctuations in the holiday rentals market, adapting our offer and optimizing your occupancy rates.

Apartment optimization

Home Staging

Tourists are ever-more demanding when it comes to the places they stay. We offer decoration and touch-up services that transform your tourism flat and make it as attractive as possible.


Forget about running around to replace bulbs and oversee repairs. At Lodging we have maintenance contracts with the principal names in the industry to keep your flat in perfect conditions.

Energy efficiency

We will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your rental apartment and lower maintenance costs. We care about the environment and your wallet, too.


Lodging can help you renovate your flat so that it can compete with the best rentals on the market. Tourists appreciate and are willing to pay for the benefits that come with an upkept apartment.

Visit follow-up


Forget about the pre- and post-visit housekeeping required after a tourist visit. The best professionals in the industry will take care of it for you.

Customer loyalty

At Lodging Management we work to make sure your customers come back, and we have developed a series of customer loyalty schemes that make it easy for them to do so.

Ratings management

We make sure that the ratings you receive on booking engines are optimal so that your flat continues to benefit from prime positioning on all the sites.

Premium database

Our years of experience in the holiday letting sector have allowed us to accumulate a list of loyal visitors to whom we are also able to offer your tourism flat.

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