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Developers and investors


Tailored packages

Single property owner

Optimal pricing and management will earn you more than you ever dreamed

Reservation management and dynamic pricing

Optimize your earnings through our software that keeps your property visible on booking sites and priced at the maximum the market will allow.

Total professionalism

From photography to interior decoration to housekeeping to check-in, our services are carried out by professionals. Your guests will note the difference.

Premium database

With over 15 years of experience renting apartments directly to tourists and other visitors in Barcelona, we have a database of return customers loyal to our brand. And now they’ll be loyal to you.

Multi-property owner

Our professional teams can manage properties simultaneously, no matter their location

How to be everywhere all at once

As an individual with multiple properties, it can be hard to take care of everything. But Lodging helps you get it all done. Whether managing several check-outs or dealing with a maintenance emergency, our team is at your service, 24/7.

App for owners

Forget about the admin headaches that come with managing several apartments. Our app for owners gives you all the information you need about your investments, right in the palm of your hand.

Offices in the centre of Barcelona

Our office in the centre of Barcelona allows us to offer great service to your guests and is the perfect place to connect with them.

Developers and investors

Full apartment building management that leverages economies of scale

Always on call in 5 languages

Our team is multinational because Barcelona is, too. You can rest assured that your guests will be receiving premium service in a language they understand, 24 hours a day.

Renovation and home staging

Don’t let your apartments sit unused because they’re not market-ready. Lodging will get them in shape in record time. We have renovation and decoration professionals ready to tackle any number of apartments.

Maintenance and energy efficiency

Lodging is unique because we do it all: guest relations, marketing, admin, and maintenance. We have contracts with great national providers that will keep your apartments in perfect working order and maximally energy efficient, cutting all your costs.

Tailored packages

Your special needs deserve a special plan

How can we help you?

Your investment, your design. Lodging puts our know-how at your disposal so you can grow the business you envision.

Personalized services

Our extensive experience in apartment management in Barcelona allows us to offer services tailored to each of our owners.

Growth plans

We treat your business as if it were our own. Let us help you plan and strategize for the long term.

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