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Monthly Rental Management in Barcelona

The management of monthly rental apartments in Barcelona has grown out of a need for housing for temporary residents looking to stay in Barcelona for a limited period of time.

These people have a range of profiles, from expats to digital nomads to postgraduate students, with needs that are very specific: they want apartments that are completely equipped and offer flexible contracts, housekeeping services and more.

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Professional services for monthly rental in Barcelona

We’ll make sure your apartment is always in optimal condition and that you have a high occupation rate throughout the year.

Advantages of monthly rental Lodging

More profitable than yearly rentals

High occupancy rates

You can use your apartment yourself

Payment guarantees

FAQs about monthly rentals

Monthly rental is a leasing scheme designed for guests who seek a contract of less than a year (11 months) for professional or personal reasons.

Yes, you can rent for stays of between 32 days and 11 months. In Spain this is known as “month-to-month rental,” “seasonal rental,” or “monthly rental.”

Any property owner can rent their apartment by the month. There is no specific license requirement (unlike vacation rentals). You must simply specify in the contract that you are using this rental scheme.

You have to write and sign a contract in which the rights and obligations of both parties have been laid out. In this type of contract, the most relevant aspect isn’t the duration, it’s the motive for renting. That is, the reasons that led the client to seek housing for less than a year must be stated very clearly.

In your annual taxes, you must declare the income from monthly rental as income from real estate capital.

Both schemes can provide significant income, but holiday rental requires you to have a tourism license. If you don’t have a license, but you would like to have a flexible rental scheme that will allow you to use your apartment for personal use in the medium term, monthly rental is a formula that will allow you to regain control of your property in a maximum of 11 months.

Discover our portfolio of monthly rental apartments in Barcelona

If you’re interested in renting an apartment for several months in Barcelona, discover our selection of monthly rental properties. They are all high-quality homes with the guarantees and the customer service that distinguish Lodging Management.

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