Lodging 20 Years

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

We’re a company born in Barcelona and we want to continue contributing to its economic growth while maintaining our commitment to the environment. This has led us to practices that increase our owners’ earnings by helping them save on energy and resources.

We bring in strategic partners who share our values and with whom we work in different areas.


We have held a Committed Certificate from the Responsible Tourism Institute since 2023, which recognizes our efforts to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

We offset our carbon emissions by planting trees in tropical forests through the Tree-Nation platform.

Lodging Management - Líder en gestión de alquiler en Barcelona

We reuse as much original material as possible in the properties we renovate or redecorate to reduce the generation of waste.

Lodging Management - Líder en gestión de alquiler en Barcelona
Lodging Management - Líder en gestión de alquiler en Barcelona

Our priority policy is to reuse and recycle everything we can in our restyling work.

Lodging also backs sustainable transport through our alliance with Kleta, a company specialized in bicycle rental through a subscription service.

Energy conservation

Lodging Management installs smart systems that favor energy conservation and detect incidents and leaks

In addition, we evaluate our apartments and, if we deem it necessary, renovate or retouch aspects of the apartment to improve the insulation.

When possible, we support initiatives like the installation of solar panels for providing light and heating water; and maintenance systems that employ saline chlorination through electrolysis for swimming pools.

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