Lodging 20 Years

Partners in our professional rental services in Barcelona

We are committed to offering professional rental services in Barcelona at the highest level. With the aim of making our property owners’ lives easier, we associate with local companies to offer services and exclusive discounts to our clients. We bring in strategic partners who share our values and with whom we work in different areas.
Controla - Partner Lodging Management

Makers of smart devices that allow you to control the use of electronic apparatuses in the home, detect water leaks and smoke, and monitor apartment access.

The devices allow owners to save energy and monitor the whole property remotely and at a click.

Having 100% Catalan designer furniture in your holiday rental apartment means supporting local business and minimizing your impact on the environment, as well as enjoying modern, functional design with great style.

Jota Virtual - Partner Lodging Management

3D floor plans and immersive virtual reality experiences let guests make decisions on the spot from their computer or mobile.

Software that lets you see all your utility invoices, manage the opening and closing of accounts and incidents, and even get the best rates.

Dynamic pricing in real time for the calculation of the best prices at which to rent a property, given the market conditions and sector predictions.

Interior redesign and restyling, a service that ensures maximum optimization of space for the owners of our rental properties.

Environmental certifications given for vacation apartments that meet sustainability criteria, inspiring confidence in guests who want accommodation that is environmentally-friendly.

Platform specialized in companies and digital nomads looking for options for temporary residence in Barcelona with flexible rental schemes.

Collaborators in finding clients in the mid- and high-range segments looking for high quality apartments with additional maintenance, housekeeping and customer service.