Seasonal rental for companies: an unstoppable trend

If you’ve been toying with the idea of monetizing your apartment but can’t make up your mind, seasonal rental for companies may be the answer. Allowing companies to use your apartment will give you a steady supplementary income because there are many firms looking for places to house employees who stay in Barcelona for a short time. Moreover, seasonal rentals offer higher profits than tourism apartments.

Lodging Management can offer your property to this market because we have direct relationships with a number of these kinds of companies. In addition, our professional management of rental apartments ensures that your property will remain in good condition, boast the modern and attractive interior design that will attract new tenants, and have all the related administrative and financial procedures taken care of. Outsourcing the management of your apartment means not having to worry about a thing and knowing your property is in good hands.

The Barcelona corporate rental boom

Business travel and seasonal rental for companies began to recover in September 2020, maintained a favorable evolution throughout 2021, and stayed strong in 2022, confirming the sector as a safe business bet. The latest report from Homelike indicates that demand for this type of housing has increased by 275% since last year. Businesses, the majority of them international corporations, increasingly have staff they must relocate, temporarily, to other cities. 80% of these stays are for an average of two months.

Less hassle, more profitability for owners

Faced with this increase in demand, more and more people are beginning to enter this rental sector. The attractions are many. For one, seasonal rental for companies does not require a tourism license if the duration of the stay is between 32 days and eleven months.

In addition, this type of rental does not suffer the extremely high turnover of tourism apartments. This means less maintenance, and savings of time and money. Payments are made by the companies rather than individuals, which results in stronger guarantees. Overall, the result is up to 27% more monthly income than a traditional lease, and annual net owner profits of between 12% and 14%.

Forget your worries and leave it to us

Rental property management requires a lot of effort, time and professional expertise. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with real estate management experts like Lodging: we have the experience and the connections required to elevate every aspect of your rental business. From promotion and marketing, booking management, and customer service to cleaning, check-in, price optimization and online reviews, maintenance, and interior design, we guarantee your apartment will be in top form.

The trend is clear: seasonal rental for companies is where you want to be. The high returns from this type of lease, plus a friendly market niche and available professional rental management should make the choice a no-brainer. You have every reason to dip your toe into the corporate rental market.

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