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Virtual reality: a must in the management of month-to-month apartment rentals in Barcelona

One of the biggest concerns in the management of month-to-month apartment rentals in Barcelona is attracting new customers. Owners naturally expect an annual accumulation of tenants that will allow them to achieve the returns they want, but if you don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to advertising or visits from possible clients, it can be a problem. In addition, your target market may not be able to travel in advance to visit properties to compare options.

In the face of this scenario, new technologies have become excellent allies in the optimization of time and resources. At Lodging Management, virtual tours have become a great tool for promoting our portfolio of properties and connecting with people who approached us directly or were looking for apartments in Barcelona via different online platforms.

3D Virtual Tour

This is why we connected with Jota Virtual, a company specialized in creating virtual replicas of physical spaces through high-end capture equipment and artificial intelligence. Experts in the use of Matterport technology, Jota Virtual’s managers quickly grasped the values we wanted to transmit at Lodging: modernity, comfort and warmth in rental apartments available for days or months, with the cosmopolitan spirit of Barcelona.

By scanning every corner, we generate virtual spaces that are easy to view on any electronic device. Wherever the potential client is, he can explore our apartments in an immersive way and freely enter traverse corridors, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms…whatever he wants. They can also go a step further by accessing photographs or videos that offer a more complete picture of the entire site. Forms and links are available for getting in contact quickly with our rental management company in Barcelona.

More than 50 of our properties have been transformed into virtual tours and together have received nearly 17,000 views from all over the world. People who are making crucial decisions about their accommodation in Barcelona have found these virtual tours very useful. Even without an intermediary or guide, they can compare online photos with these 3D tours and get a clear idea of the space they’ll be occupying. It’s a true revolution in the optimization of resources and the streamlining of processes.

Practical technology has arrived that is 100% worth using in the management of month-to-month apartment rentals in Barcelona. It not only makes things easier for potential tenants, but also for owners, who will quickly see their property better positioned in the rankings of holiday rentals.