Corporate apartment rentals: peace of mind for long-term stays

The concept has many names: corporate apartment rentals, month-to-months, business accommodation. By whatever moniker, this type of housing offer has been working for decades in other countries like France and Germany. Business relocation, coupled with the rise of freelance workers (or so-called “digital nomads”), is making this service increasingly in demand in Spain, especially in its large urban centers. Today we’ll see why this type of month-to-month rental in Barcelona is so interesting.

What is temporary rental in Barcelona?

Managers, entrepreneurs, salespeople… even temporary staff members are often sent on travel away from their company’s headquarters. Sometimes the trip is only for a few days, but what happens when the travel is extended for longer?

It’s becoming more and more common for companies to resort to multiple-month corporate apartment rentals. These housing solutions, located in strategically advantageous parts of cities, are perfectly equipped and decorated and offer everything that someone who travels for work may require.

The homes are very well connected by public transport, have a good WiFi connection, a large desk with several outlets for electrical appliances, and universal adapters, chargers and a printer, all ready to be used. Naturally, these spaces also offer a comfortable bedroom and areas for relaxation for the hours outside of work.

Rental of apartments for companies: advantages

The benefits of month-to-month rental in this type of apartment are many for all parties involved: the company renting for its employees, the owner of the property and, of course, the people who stay as guests.

Firstly, there are considerable savings involved. Taking a month-to-month lease in Barcelona is far cheaper than staying in a hotel, and the duration of the stay, as well as the arrival and departure, is usually much more flexible. Comfort, high-quality furniture and housekeeping services are additional benefits, as are having accommodation in the heart of the city with everything you need. And perhaps most importantly, with maintenance and other services outsourced, employees, owners and companies can focus on their business, not on mundane tasks.

At Lodging Management, in addition to our management service, we offer a broad, curated and varied set of options for corporate apartment rentals that will make workers, businessmen and owners happy.

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