Lodging 20 Years

The Lodging Management Shift: from Management of Tourism Apartments to General Management and Monthly Rentals

At Lodging we adapt ourselves to the demands of the market: first, professionally managing holiday rentals for more than a decade, and now providing solutions for monthly rentals that respond to the needs of the international resident in a global society. The great adventure that began with Lodging Apartments – and that continues to offer travellers the most exclusive accommodations in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia – has continued with a new chapter over the past few months. We’re happy to have made our mark in the business of the management of tourism apartments, but we aspire to even more. Our aim is to consolidate our business throughout Spain, and grow internationally on the back of month-to-month rentals whose market is temporary international residents.

Kicking off 2019 with a new logo and even more energy, Lodging Management provides expertise to property owners and temporary residents. Thanks to our personalized services and our use of the latest technology, our motto, “We rent, you win” describes an approach to our market that also applies to the investors that are accompanying us in our ambitious expansion plans.

Everything began back in 2004, when Lodging Apartments entered the growing sector of holiday rentals in Barcelona. 15 years later and with more than 36,000 bookings behind us, we are no longer just a reference for guests seeking the best accommodation, but also in advisory services to owners and management of their holiday rentals. With professionalism, transparency and profitability guiding our every move, we seek to give property owners a great reputation among their guests. And this strategic shift has made Lodging Management a true 21st century real estate agency.

Lodging Management has become the best investment for anyone with an empty apartment he wishes to rent, whether or not he has a tourism license. In a completely professional manner, and establishing a relationship built on close contact and trust, we have transformed the business of rental management for property owners with a tourism license, but also those without one.

If your objective is to rent to tourists, you won’t find a better company than Lodging to promote your property in the most attractive way possible, get the best rates – thanks to our dynamic pricing software –, and achieve true customer loyalty so guests will repeat their visit and recommend your apartment to others. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in the tourism market or you don’t have a license, we’ll usher you into the profitable world of monthly rentals: stays of one to eleven months with a great market of international visitors ready to pay more per month for flexible rental and services including concierge, housekeeping, and linen changes, so that they don’t have to worry about a thing.

Lodging Management combines physical proximity with cutting-edge technology. That’s why, in addition to our two central offices in Barcelona, we have added services like our app for owners, so you can see the status of your property in real time. With “We rent, you win” as the foundation of everything we do, we keep growing and moving forward, putting our owners’ interests above all else so they achieve maximum returns. A diverse group of national and international clients have enjoyed our premium personalized services for years, with a differentiated menu of options that serve each of their particular needs. The key to the success of our management is, without a doubt, treating these owners’ holiday rentals and monthly rentals as if they were our own and, in parallel, tending to arriving guests as if they were staying in our home.

Now, the trust invested in Lodging Management by our owners is about to scale up with an expansion that will consolidate our business throughout Spain and take us beyond the country, because an industry that generates more than 1.7 billion Euros per year in our country should have access to our exclusive services not only in Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, but also in Mallorca, the Canary Islands, and Andalusia. This year we’ll be launching a microinvestment campaign with the objective of growing 40% annually over the next three years, and setting ourselves on a path for international growth. Stay tuned for more information so you can find out how you can become part of Lodging’s great future.

Don’t wait any longer to join the Lodging Management family. Whether you need us to take over the management of your holiday rentals or monthly rentals or just want to invest in this forward-thinking business, contact us today!