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Which is the best platform for renting your holiday apartment in Barcelona?

When you own a holiday apartment in Barcelona, you need an airtight strategy to maximise your bookings. And sometimes, the key to success isn’t in finding the best website for your ad, but rather, in using several at once. As experts in the management of tourism rentals in Barcelona, at Lodging Management we have seen the number of holiday rental platforms expand exponentially over our years in business, bringing with them many more opportunities to promote your rental. Diversification is key, and today we work with a dozen different portals and specialized software to make sure that you always appear on the right platform at the right time.

Guests interested in your holiday apartment in Barcelona will hail from a range of different countries and profiles, from students travelling for the first time to retired couples seeking new experiences. You can’t reach them all with one approach or through a single channel. And if you add the wide variety of accommodation available, it’s easy to see why the number of tourism rental platforms has continued to grow, adjusting to the many different types of people seeking and offering accommodation. With the objective of demystifying the process and benefitting guests and owners, Lodging Management updates our list of offers every day, and we work with the most consolidated tourism apartment platforms available. And you’ll never have to worry which platform offers the best visibility for your holiday apartment in Barcelona: our technology will take the lead and make the best decisions.

You’re sure to know many of the platforms we work with, because they are the most popular: Airbnb; the travel meta-search engine Booking; HomeAway and its more than 2 million accommodations offered on websites like Vrbo; or international online agencies like Expedia and Ctrip. There’s also Spotahome, specialized in the European market; Idealista and Fotocasa, major players in property sales, but also in holiday rentals; or the comparison platform Tripadvisor and its holiday rental project Holidaylettings. After a proper analysis of your holiday apartment in Barcelona, we will determine which portals are appropriate for its publication, with Lodging Management’s software always making sure that an interested traveller finds it at exactly the moment they need it. Specifically designed for this industry, our software weighs each variable to assure that your property not only receives the right kind of promotion but is published at the right price for the moment, increasing your bookings. Ready to give it a try?

In a business as complex as tourism rentals, where your holiday apartment in Barcelona will face plenty of competition, cutting-edge software is a must to bring in the best returns. And once we’ve promoted your apartment to the best of our ability, the human factor comes into play once again. Our international team is not only expert in redecorating and renovating properties going on the market, but also in giving your guest the best customer service possible before, during, and after their stay. Contact Lodging Management today. We’ll explain how we work, in detail, with other innovative services as well, including our app for property owners and our dynamic pricing system. Our goals are crystal clear: full and complete satisfaction, for you and for the guests who stay in your holiday apartment in Barcelona.