Empresa de gestión de pisos de alquiler por meses bien valorada por propietarios

Owners rate us a 9.5 as a company specialized in monthly apartment rentals

One of our main goals as a company specialized in monthly apartment rentals in Barcelona is that the owners of our properties feel valued and listened to. At Lodging Management, we’re well aware that the properties entrusted to us are some of our owners’ main assets and sources of family income. We strive, therefore, not only to promote them professionally through different channels, but also offer services to help them improve their properties and gain profitability in the short and medium term.

To do this effectively, we take periodic timeouts to evaluate what we’ve been doing, come up with new ideas, and move forward with improvements. Between February and March of this year, our owners responded to a survey whose purpose was to generate a dialogue about different aspects of our work.

The first piece of great news was that our owners rated their overall experience with Lodging as a 9.5 out of 10, a result that has given us tremendous motivation to keep improving. We also learned that the services most valued by our owners are, in order:

  1. Periodic water heater and air conditioning check-ups
  2. Professional apartment decoration
  3. Thorough cleaning
  4. Provision of household appliances and kitchen and bathroom accessories
  5. Industrial cleaning, painting, renovations, and purchase and change of mattresses
  6. Furniture changes
  7. Renovation of decoration and kitchenware
  8. Disinfection and fumigation

These data show that the management of monthly apartment rentals is a job that requires coordination with professionals in different areas so the owner has a good experience and sees the improvements to their home. These services also help meet the expectations of tenants, earn us good ratings, and guarantee a continuous flow of visitors throughout the year. In fact, 65% of owners say they are “very satisfied” with the occupancy of their property and 75% love the images of them in the major sales channels.

On a financial level, the data is also revealing. More than half of our owners highlight the high performance of their holiday rental apartment under Lodging’s care, and 80% rate their property’s returns positively.

Our outlook for the future is optimistic. As a company specialized in monthly apartment rentals in Barcelona, we love to innovate and forge bonds with suppliers that can give added value to our owners. Home automation, electronic locks that provide greater security, and virtual tours are just a few of the tools we’ve successfully implemented so far, and we look forward to developing new ideas with our owners in the coming months.

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