The Management of Barcelona Tourism Apartments: New Challenges

Digital nomads, frequent visitors, professionals, sporadic explorers…with so many different types of guests, the management of Barcelona tourism apartments demands control of every detail to ensure everyone is satisfied. In a previous post we highlighted the importance of properly maintaining apartments so guests feel at home, and today we want to highlight the different characteristics of various guests and the different requirements that Lodging Management can satisfy.

Digital nomads

Accustomed to the freedom of working from anywhere, digital nomads are professionals who have made Home Office into a lifestyle. In their search for a Barcelona tourism apartment, they prioritize a good Internet connection, of course, but also good natural light in the space they will call home for a few days or weeks. They need a good desk with enough space and above all, the time to dedicate themselves, day or night, to fulfilling their objectives without worrying about anything else. As experts in the care of tourism flats, Lodging Management professionals can shop for food, take care of housekeeping and even run occasional errands so that guests leave distractions behind.

Co-living Barcelona

Young professionals who want to spend several months in Barcelona are a kind of hybrid traveler, one that combines work with tourism and spends long periods of time in the city. They also seek shared experiences with people their own age or with similar interests. As professionals in the management of monthly rentals, Lodging has developed co-living Barcelona communities, an ideal environment for these guests to carry out their projects while meeting people from other countries with similar profiles and networking like never before.

Frequent flyers

Barcelona is such an attractive city with such an astounding cultural and sports offer that it is common to meet foreigners who spend several periods a year here. As experts in the professional management of tourism rentals, Lodging Management offers personalized services to these travellers, 24/7. For these tourists, a temporary stay has to be an extension of their home life, with all the comforts and attention that makes them want to return again and again. Our check-in service, complete with a Welcome Pack for their first breakfast, and our flexible check-out policy are just two aspects of our services designed to provide them with everything they need.

Occasional tourists

Even if a traveler is on an excursion through Europe with little time to get to know the different parts of Spain, Barcelona is an obligatory stop. These tourists seek a calm environment that will let them rest after long days of travel, and they expect an apartment kitchen and bathroom to be fully equipped. The furniture, appliances and accessories should all facilitate starting the day right and relaxing at night, without unforeseen issues or setbacks getting in the way. Lodging’s tourism management services include much than automated reservations, because we put ourselves in the shoes of our guests, offering a menu of services and suggestions to optimize their stay.

Conscious of the trends in tourism and ready to meet the needs of any guests during their visit to the city, at Lodging Management, we have perfected the management of tourism apartments in Barcelona by focusing on visitors, understanding their profiles in depth and meeting all their expectations.

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