Lodging 20 Years

Monthly rentals in the centre of Barcelona: enjoy an apartment in the city’s most photogenic corner

The world’s most visited cities host delightful little corners bursting with authenticity. Thanks to Lodging Apartments’ monthly rentals, you can enjoy the privilege of being in one such spot, right in the centre of Barcelona in one of its most photographed areas. At number 12 Allada-Vermell street, tourists can take in a colourful and immaculately maintained garden that stands as an oasis in the middle of the busy neighbourhood of El Born. Known as La casa de las flores (The house of flowers), this beautiful façade has travelled around the world through pictures that immortalise that magical moment when, after a tour of monuments, parks or modernist buildings, you find yourself in front of a small wooden door flanked by 61 carefully tended flowerpots. Lucky and Inés, the house owners, have been collecting plants they find in the street for over 10 years and giving them a new lease on life at their home. Initially surprised when they discovered that their house appeared in Barcelona’s tourist guides, they are now happy to pose for passers-by who also want to capture a photo of this little slice of heaven.

Live like a local on Allada-Vermell

Piso turístico en la calle Allada-Vermell de Barcelona.

Imagine if, in addition to taking pictures of La casa de las flores, you could actually enter the building and become a neighbour of this magical corner of Barcelona? With Lodging Apartments, you can! Our apartment for rent allows you to experience the charms of Allada-Vermell during your stay in Barcelona in the very same building that boasts one of the most photogenic façades in the city. Its 40 m2 are ideal for two people and come fully equipped and ready for check-in. Set up like other monthly rentals, this comfortable apartment has a bedroom, a bathroom and an open plan kitchen/living room floorplan. The exposed beams of the ceiling and the wooden window frames preserve the original rustic nature of the architecture, so you really feel you’re living in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the Catalan capital. The parquet floors, modern furniture and tasteful minimalist style add to the exclusivity of the environment, along with all the amenities and comforts needed for your day to day.


Safety and hygiene protocols

In addition, with the management of Lodging, you have the certainty of arriving at a house thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards of security hygiene that the current circumstances demand. Your flat in Allada-Vermell Street will have been scrupulously disinfected and left empty for 24 hours after the previous occupants have left, to avoid any external contamination. All the electrical appliances, household linen and kitchenware at your disposal are for your exclusive use during your stay. And if you require additional housekeeping or laundry service, we can offer it with the guarantee that our staff have protective equipment and follow the safety protocols for the tourism and accommodation sector to the letter.

Our rental management company has redoubled its efforts to guarantee the health of our guests and employees in all of our Lodging Apartments. Today, more than ever, we want you to come back to Barcelona with confidence and walk through the incredible alleys in the historic centre, bursting with history and inhabited by people like Lucky and Inés, who have turned their home into an emblematic corner. Open the door to 12 Allada-Vermell Street and enjoy your monthly rentals in the Barcelona city centre by becoming a resident of the Born district.