Professional rental management: technology is everything

Okay, maybe not quite everything…but as easily as we’ve accepted booking an apartment over the Internet, we will soon come around to the idea of professional rental management being managed through a single virtual channel.

So-called Proptech is technology that has been put at the service of the real estate sector. We recently highlighted the advantages of platforms that let you take detailed 3D virtual tours of a property without visiting the physical location. Through artificial intelligence techniques, they can generate models of extraordinary precision that help make important decisions about purchasing a home or contracting a long-term rental. But this is just one of the many applications that technology has made possible to favor transactions in the market. There are also applications that reduce intermediation between owners and tenants, virtual payment systems that guarantee transaction security, electronic locks managed through digital devices, and digital signatures that reduce processing times, and more. Altogether, these and other innovations are revolutionizing the sector.

The big pending issue, however, is unification. Our experience as a leading company in the management of tourism apartments is that our tenants want everything included: cleanliness, security, comfort and coverage for unforeseen events. Interest in models like co-living, in which users pay for not only their room but for space to coexist with people with similar interests and profiles, show that the market is changing. There is a demand to create experiences that go beyond a weekend of tourism. According to a study by Elogia Research, 80% of Spaniards looking for a long-term rental would be willing to pay for a single all-inclusive service and if it is, in addition, centralized on a single platform, they would rate it very positively because it reduces hassle.

It is no secret that being able to interact digitally with physical spaces is an opportunity to attract foreign customers looking for high-quality rental options. And by introducing new technologies to the real estate sector through unified platforms, we will be able to communicate reliability and support, and make sure the needs and expectations of tenants and owners are covered. At Lodging Management, we know these tech trends are the perfect complement to companies specialized in the professional management of vacation and long-term rentals. Tech can only facilitate our ability to maintain our properties in an optimal condition, deal with incidents, and personalizing the attention and conditions users enjoy in their Barcelona accommodation.

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